Heliocare Gelcream and Ultra Capsules


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Heliocare represents a new era in dermatological photoprotection. Fernblock technology was developed by the IFC Group, based in Spain, in collaboration with a group of leading experts in dermatology and photobiology at Harvard Medical School.

It is based on a natural extract from Polypodium Leucotomos, a tropical Central American fern which evolved from an aquatic to land plant, developing strong protective and repair mechanisms against UV radiation.

Fernblock, an ingredient in all Heliocare products, will save your skin by:

  1. Acting as an anti-oxidant to prevent UV radiation.
  2. Protecting immune cells and preserving skin functionality.
  3. Preventing the formation of mutated cells to prevent skin cancer.
  4. Protecting elastic fibres to prevent photoageing.

Heliocare selected Sorbet as new retail partner! Consumers can now find Heliocare more readily available. From September last year, Heliocare is available at 21 Sorbet stores nationwide. Heliocare is still be available at selected salons and online stores as before.

Heliocare Gelcream Colour Light & Brown

Heliocare Color Gelcream SPF 50 is a high photoimmunoprotection broad-spectrum gel-cream with a tint for daily use. It helps to prevent the formation of pigmentation and other signs of visible photo-ageing.

Suitable for all skin types. Key Ingredients include Fernblock, a natural plant extract from Central America with proven photoprotective properties together with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that leaves no residue on the skin. Non-comedogenic. Tested under dermatological control.

Recommended price: R350.00

(Available in Light and Brown).

Heliocare Ultra Capsules

Heliocare Ultra Capsules contain high levels of Fernblock, boosted by potent antioxidants Vitamin C & E.

Heliocare Ultra Capsules are ideal:

  • for sun sensitive skins
  • for outdoor enthusiasts seeking more sun protection
  • to use after a chemical peel or laser treatment
  • for skin conditions requiring UVA or UVB radiation (e.g. psoriasis and porphyria)
  • for individuals using medications that increase sun sensitivity
  • for individuals who are predisposed to skin cancer

Heliocare Ultra Capsules should be taken in conjunction with a high protection sunscreen to further protect the skin from sun exposure, skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and DNA damage. (Safe for children 4 years and older.)

Recommended price: R450.00

Where to buy?

Contact Genop Healthcare to find stockists near you – www.genop.co.za/pages/skincare/medical-skincare/heliocare

Heliocare products are also available in select Sorbet branches in South Africa.

Available online through:

Distributed and marketed in South Africa by Genop Healthcare www.genop.co.za



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