The Venus Glow Difference – FOR THE DEEPEST CLEAN


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How clean is clean?

Do you have days when you feel you want to take steel wool to your skin and scrub it into submission? Days when you feel your skin is suffocating and you want to pull funny faces until you fit into your face again?

We all know that we shouldn’t, but on days like that we reach for a soap bar and lather up! For a few moments, we feel truly “cleansed”.

Of course, as soon as we pat our faces dry oh so responsibly, the consequences set in. A tight, dry, sometimes even burning sensation creeps over our faces. We quickly overcompensate with a generous amount of moisturiser, followed by continuous patting to check that our skins are still, in fact, intact.

There must be a better way!

Venus Concept has just introduced our newest device, the Venus Glow™.

Launched a year ago in North America it now has CE and is available in Europe and Africa. The Venus Glow™ has quickly risen to be one of the most desired dermal rejuvenation treatments available. We hope with reader demand, that local service providers will latch on fast.

Venus Glow™ dermal rejuvenation can:

  • Brighten dull skin
  • Improve uneven skin tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Moisturize skin
  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Control sebum secretion
  • Enhance effectiveness of complimentary therapies and post-treatment products

How does it work?

The vacuum in the applicator opens up and deep-cleans pores by removing impurities such as skin debris, impurities and excess sebum, which can clog pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads. At the same time, the single use tip evenly applies two powerful saline jet streams as it rotates through 360˚. Each jet stream is finer than an average strand of hair (50 – 70 microns), enabling a deep-cleanse of pores with saline solution. Treatments increase local blood circulation and enhance the spread of nutrients from the blood, resulting in a highly rejuvenated complexion and natural glow.

What will you experience?

  • Instant results – Skin feels noticeably healthier, cleaner and more rejuvenated after each treatment.
  • Superior Comfort – a comfortable 15-minute treatment, after which you can resume normal activities immediately, depending on whether you opt just for the Venus Glow™ cleanse, or have booked a combination session which may require sun protection.

Keep an eye out on our Venus Concept Africa social media pages for news about clinics who will offer Venus Glow™ in the near future!

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