Inside the Latest A2 Magazine Issue 29 – Autumn 2019


CURRENT Issue 29 – March 2019 (Autumn)

As always, we bring out four issues a year, one at the beginning of each season…

  • March (autumn)
  • June (winter)
  • September (spring)
  • December (summer)

At A2 Magazine, we believe aesthetics and anti-ageing are more than just a few injectable treatments. It’s the whole package – a healthy outlook on life (a smile makes you seem younger and more attractive), what you put out is what you receive back in return, healthy skin (this forms the basis of everything), a healthy body, healthy hair and so on. All the external treatments and procedures must add to and compliment these.

Which is why our print magazine and blog both comprehensively cover the following sections within the industry:

  1. The Aesthetic Report (aesthetic treatments and procedures, injectables, treatments)
  2. Anti-Ageing & Integrative Medicine (a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, hormone balance etc)
  3. Skin Sense (focusing on your skin, skin concerns, treatments, procedures and products to use)
  4. Dental Techniques (interesting info and options in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry)
  5. And lastly, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (touching on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options whether they are for cosmetic or medical reasons)

We cover varying topics within each of the above sections in every print magazine, plus regularly update our blog,, with information in-between magazines. So be sure to never miss an edition and check in regularly with us on the blog and social media.

Happy reading with us in this beautiful new season!

In this issue…

Anti-Ageing, Wellness & Integrative Medicine

  • The AAMSAA Report – spin doctors of YouTube: Dr Alek Nikolic takes a closer look at the misleading marketing campaigns posted by non-qualified medical professionals.
  • Our toxic tendencies – Dr Sara Gottfried delves into root causes behind addiction and the biological factors involved.
  • Proactive interventions in anti-ageing – Dr Sly Nedic looks at how we can monitor and influence ageing and its related effects.
  • Calming the storm… when panic attacks. Written by Sally Harvey.
  • The Ills of oestrogen dominance – the majority of people today, male and female, have an excess of the female sex hormone, oestrogen. So, what’s the concern?

The Aesthetic Report

  • Sponsored Review by Tasosol Aesthetics – non-invasive facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers and Thermage, by Michelle Pauli.
  • Snap, Filter, Post – The rise of the doctored selfie and its impact on aesthetics, by Dr Zeenit Sheikh.
  • 2019’s Big Six – Dr Anushka Reddy reveals the new kids on the aesthetic block.

Skin Sense: Anti-Ageing Skin Strategies & Health

  • Cream of the Crop – a choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime.
  • Pigmentation 101 – Dr Lev Naidoo reports on the source of and science behind pigmentary disturbances.
  • The Orange Peel Effect – filtering the facts from the myths of treating cellulite, by Dr Alistair McAlpine.
  • Should You Be Shaving Your Face? Dermaplaning explained by Dr Portia Gumede.

Cosmetic Surgery Update

  • APRASSA Report – Doctor Who? Plastic, cosmetic or aesthetic? Dr Isabel do Vale asks who is performing your aesthetic surgery.
  • Nose About Face – Dr Rory Dower advises on the top five things to consider when embarking on surgery to correct a skew nose.
  • When is the surgeon too old to operate? A handful of hospitals have instituted mandatory screening procedures for medical professionals over 70, with many of them being less than unenthusiastic about the idea.

Dentistry Techniques

  • The Magic of Regenerative Medicine – Dr Anjana Bhana discusses PRP versus PRF therapy.

Also In This Issue

  • The Dangers of Hidden Fat
  • Meet the Team: A2’s Expert Panel and Contributors
  • The Surgeon’s Score
  • Premium Classifieds

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CURRENT Issue 29 – March 2019 (Autumn)


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