Eucerin® Launches a Skin-Care Innovation with Dual-Efficacy for Both Peeling and Wrinkle Filling: Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum


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Medical skin care-expert Eucerin® is releasing its latest innovation in its care portfolio: Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum.

With its innovative dual chamber application system, the new product is Eucerin’s® first leave-on peeling and care hybrid for effective refining of skin texture and wrinkle filling.

Gentle ingredients with proven effectiveness visibly improve skin texture and act on even deepest wrinkles night after night.

In the quest for smoother, younger-looking skin, hyaluron injections and AHA peeling are two well-known dermatological in-office treatments with proven effectiveness.

That is why Eucerin® has taken inspiration from the concepts behind them to create a new dual-active anti-ageing skin care product for daily use: Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum provides a peeling formula for smoother and more radiant skin and a hyaluronic acid serum to plump up lines and wrinkles.

Peeling and wrinkle filling at the same time

As we age our skin’s renewal process starts to slow down. This leads to dead cells not being shed effectively, making our skin surface feel rough and appear dull.

Moreover, mature skin loses resilience and the ability to produce the needed amount of hyaluronic acid, which is the skin’s own filler. Women are seeking products that support the skin’s regeneration process and at the same time improves wrinkles. Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum answers this need.

With its dual chamber system Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum combines two highly effective formulas, which are freshly combined before being applied to the skin.

The white chamber contains a caring emulsion with a new AHA complex consisting of active peeling agents such as Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and gluconolactone, the latter known to penetrate gradually and thus being very gentle. Another active ingredient is bio-active glycine saponin which is known to stimulate the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.

The product’s silver chamber contains a refreshing hyaluronic acid gel-serum that consists of two types of hyaluronic acid which work on different layers of the skin: while high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid acts on fine lines in the upper epidermal layers, low-weight hyaluronic acid molecules (40x smaller by comparison) penetrate further into deeper skin layers where wrinkles originate.

Broad research programme proves dual-efficacy

The two-chamber system delivers highly effective skin care which is underpinned by ample research. “We are proud of our broad range of dermatological and clinical studies including controlled tests in laboratories (in-vitro) as well as testing of the product on real skin (in-vivo). 2

The dual-action anti-ageing formula comes with proven results, the reported and observed significant effects include

  • Gentle exfoliation of skin
  • Visible reduction of wrinkles and lines
  • Effective improvement of skin of regeneration
  • Well moisturised skin
  • Refined pores

The studies also prove Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum to be well tolerated by a full range of different skin types.

Daily use brings visible results

Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum can be used daily. The product is best massaged onto well-cleansed skin.

For optimal results, Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum should be applied in the evening prior to night care, such as Hyaluron-Filler Night Cream. As the AHA formula makes skin more sensitive to photo damage, it requires additional protection from the sun during the day – as provided by Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream (either SPF 30 or SPF 15).

  • Refines skin texture and promotes skin cell renewal
  • Helps to plump deep wrinkles
  • Moisturises skin and refines pores
  • For rejuvenated, radiant and smooth skin

About the Hyaluron-Filler range

As skin ages, levels of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid deplete; as a consequence, surface lines and deeper wrinkles start to form.

Most products in the clinically-tested Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler range contain a combination of high and low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid as well as glycine saponin, a substance proven to support the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid.

Who is it for?

For consumers whose primary concerns are lines and wrinkles, the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler range combines potent wrinkle-plumping effect with excellent skin tolerability.

The Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum complements the successful Hyaluron- Filler product range, combining the proven concept with a highly-effective peeling formula for a refined skin texture and radiance.

How much does it cost?

Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum, R499.99 for 30ml

Where to buy?

The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler range is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Foschini and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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