Thalgo Gel for Feather Light Legs


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Ideal for anyone who suffers from uncomfortable sensations due to poor circulation: painful, heavy, swollen legs and feet.

The Thalgo Gel for Feather Light Legs helps to eliminate fluid and soothe tired legs.

This very refreshing, cooling, decongesting and toning gel provides instant relief and lasting relaxation for tired and painful legs.

The Thalgo Gel for Feather Light Legs may be used at any time of the day to relieve the effects of standing over long periods of time or over-heated atmospheres.

A must-have for people who remain standing or sitting for long periods of time!

How to use?

Apply in upward motions from the soles of the feet to the hips. Use in the morning to help prevent feelings of discomfort and heaviness, and at night to detoxify, refresh and relieve the legs.


Recommend retail price R713.00 (as at April 2019)

Where to buy?

At your nearest Thalgo stockist.

Or available online, here

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