The NEW Dermapen 4


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Last year, Dermapen launched their reinvented device; the Dermapen 4…

With the introduction of Dermapen’s predecessor’s in 2011, Microneedling was revolutionised with the first automated technology.

The launch of Dermapen 4 sets a new standard and benchmark that delivers the ultimate in advanced and innovative microneedling with confidence, service and patient results.

Over the past few years, millions of dollars have been allocated for research, development and modification that will reinvent microneedling as we know it.

Today, Dermapen remains the most widely used microneedling system worldwide with over 1.6 Million clinical procedures performed, it is no wonder so many patients and practitioners turn to the Original and Trusted Dermapen Treatments for good results.

The Dermapen 4 micro-needling instrument sets a new global standard in dermatology, providing treatment for numerous skin conditions. As the first instrument to provide speed and depth adjustment via an advanced digital interface, Dermapen 4 delivers ergonomic control and digital precision in an affordable, accessible alternative.


Dermapen causes less trauma and has minimal epidermal (skin) damage, therefore reducing pain and discomfort and making it a safer, more effective treatment.

The Dermapen is so advanced that it is even suitable and safe to use in delicate and hard to reach areas such as around the eyes, lips and on the nose.

Your clinician will assess your skin and treatment area to recommend a treatment plan suitable for you.

Dermapen treatments are designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned, refined pores and reduced wrinkles.

Your face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp are all treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours.

What’s more, the microchannels allow your skin to carry up to 80% more active ingredients which dive deep into your skin to feed and be absorbed by the underlying cells.

You’ll see results in just one session.

Dermapen is recommended to treat:

  • Aged, sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoker’s lines around the lips
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Large pores
  • Alopecia*
  • And much more

*when used in conjunction with topical treatment.

Dermapen treatments can be effective for multitude of conditions including: Rosacea, telangiectasia, seborrheic dermatitis, aesthetic gynaecology, alopecia, and much more.

Your skin and our technology, a winning partnership

Your skin has a self-rejuvenating function that is capable of significantly reducing blemishes caused by acne, trauma, pigmentation and a range of other ailments. Micro-needling activates this process by causing tiny punctures across the treated area.

As your skin heals, it produces collagen which forms a new layer of fresh tissue, creating a more youthful appearance on the surface and fighting antibodies beneath.

Find doctors, clinics and salons offering Dermapen treatments

Important noticethere’re are some Dermapen Treatments and protocols to be done by doctors only. This is because of the depth that some treatments go to, as well as the ingredients of some serums in these treatments. According to South African medical regulations we are unable to publish these details because they are considered Medical Grade Scheduled Devices. It is best to check with your doctor directly about these :)

For a full list of approved clinics in South Africa offering Dermapen, visit

You can also download the Dermapen World app and find a clinic anywhere near you with an authentic and registered Dermapen or Dermapen 4 device (iTunes and Google Play stores).

Dermapenworld also offers this nifty finder which locates clinics with registered devices near you

Dermapen is distributed in South Africa by Genop Healthcare


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