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As the temperatures drop, so does the moisture in our skin, leaving our skin feeling drier and more dehydrated.  A few changes can be made to your skincare routine to guide your skin through these winter-months.

The skin is a 3-dimensional organ with superficial, medium depth and deeper layers.  Each one of these layers have a specific purpose, whether as protection or structural.  Once one of these layers change, due to external or internal circumstances, each one of these layers are affected, altering the skin overall.

Focussing on these layers, with regards to active ingredients and professional treatments, is ideal when targeting winter dehydration and dryness:


Emollients are lipids and oils which keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. They include free-fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramides and shea butter.  The optiphi® Moisture Control Ultra, rich in hyaluronic acid and shea butter, is ideal to lock in moisture, preventing water evaporation from the skin.


Humectants work by attracting water from the external environment and from the dermis. Adding the optiphi® HA Infinity Serum with its medium and low-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid molecules, the skin’s moisture levels get replenished not only superficially, but also in the deeper layers for optimal hydration. Intelligent hydration.

Chemical peels

Winter skin is often dull, a professional chemical peel such as the 30|30 peel every three to four weeks to slough off dead skin and allow better absorption of active topical skincare will assist in keeping your skin hydrated whilst maximising your everyday skincare regime. The 30|30 peel consists of a combination of Vitamin C, Glycyrrhitinic Acid and Glycolic Acid targeting skins with redness, dark spots and lines and wrinkles.

Where can I get this?

Available at selected optiphi® skin clinics, doctors’ rooms and spas.

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About optiphi

Skin Rejuvenation Technologies is a division of the Southern Group of companies. The group specializes in the research, development and manufacture of medical devices and applications in various medical disciplines. The disciplines span dental implants, heart valve replacements and temporary skin replacements amongst others.

The group has an excellent reputation for the quality products they manufacture, and distribute their products in Europe, America and Australia as well as, of course, South Africa. Through the cumulative expertise in bio-medical fields, the group was in a position to conceptualize, create and test the best active solutions available to rehabilitate the skin.

The expertise which developed optiphi® was drawn from the group’s extensive knowledge base, and the effort was led by a plastic surgeon.


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