Heliocare – Dermatological Sun and Photoprotection for Skin


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Heliocare® is a sun protection range that South Africans have come to love. The range boasts one very unique ingredient that has become it’s shining star in sun protection – the fern plant.

The range protects against UVA and UVB rays, it has powerful anti-aging properties and is non-greasy.

The Heliocare® product line is created with the development of the Fernblock® technology, where standardized Polypodiym leucotomos extract, a tropical Central American fern which evolved from an aquatic to land plant, developing strong protective and repair mechanisms against UV radiation, forms the basis of all its products.

Fernblock technology was developed by the IFC Group, based in Spain, in collaboration with a group of leading experts in dermatology and photobiology at Harvard Medical School with the common purpose of developing a mechanism for sun protection.

Fernblock, an ingredient in all Heliocare products, will save your skin by:

  1. Acting as an antioxidant to prevent UV radiation.
  2. Protecting immune cells and preserving skin functionality.
  3. Preventing the formation of mutated cells to prevent skin cancer.
  4. Protecting elastic fibres to prevent photoageing.

The successive product development has been made possible due to the collaboration of great international experts in photoprotection and photobiology areas.

The product line was initially launched in the Spanish market and today it is present in more than 80 countries.


Heliocare® is the photoprotection line from pharmaceutical laboratory Cantabria Labs, leader in dermatological prescription.

Heliocare® offers a wide range of oral and topical photo protectors, with scientific proven efficacy. Moreover, Cantabria Labs is pioneer in complementing topical and oral photoprotection.

Its oral formulations increase skin protection against solar damage, essential for all skin types, especially for sun intolerant or sensitive skins.

Its topical formulas combine Fernblock® with the most advanced filters and antioxidant and restorative ingredients offering the best coverage against solar damage.

Heliocare® is a state-of-the art photoprotection range. It provides complete spectrum coverage from UVB, UVA, visible and infrared rays, as well as an important restorative and antioxidant activity against solar damage.


Heliocare® has a wide scientific endorsement and several published articles in prestigious international scientific journals, providing the company its exclusive medical recognition.

Cantabria Labs, pharmaceutical company, invests a high percentage (12%) of its percent of total turnover to make its products more efficient and with scientific rigueur.

Furthermore, its efficacy has been endorsed in more than 50 studies, with more than 1200 study subjects.

These studies have demonstrated a high efficiency not only in photoprotection but in the prevention of cutaneous photoaging, actinic damages, solar allergies and blemishes.


  • Ultra Capsules (R450)
  • Advanced Gel SPF50 (R295)
  • Gelcream Color in Light and Brown (R350 each)
  • Advanced XF Gel SPF50 (R295)
  • Advanced Spray SPF50 (R395)
  • Compact Oil Free SPF R450 (available in Fair, Light and Brown)

As at June 2019.

Where to buy?

Contact www.genop.co.za for a list of stockists near you.

Available in selected doctors rooms, aesthetic clinics, Sorbet stores and online from Dermastore www.dermastore.co.za and Skinmiles www.skinmiles.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/heliocareSA

Instagram: www.instagram.com/heliocaresa


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