Trade Article: With Skintronics, Offer Your Clients PRP for Hair Loss, Double Chin Treatments and Pregnancy Safe Alpha-H Skincare


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Treating hair loss has always been tricky, but now with Platelet Rich Plasma it’s possible to effectively regenerate hair follicles to restore hair growth. The i-Stem Kit will ensure that you get a true dense PRP extraction and therefore improved results.
Oh, the dreaded double chin. No matter what you do, that extra layer of fat right between your chin and neck won’t budge. Now spot reduction is possible in areas like this with the combination of Mesotherapy and lipolytics. Mesotherapy works extremely well because it specifically targets the layer right under the dermis, the mesoderm where the stubborn fat cells are. With the Vital Injector 2 the depth of the needles is controlled for improved accuracy and placement of the lipolytic.
Stumped on what products to prescribe to your clients while they’re pregnant? Alpha-H has a wide range of products that are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These skincare products are gentle, yet effective to use and your clients will continue to see results and glowing skin throughout their pregnancy.
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