Trade Article: Cosmedica 2019 (Cosmetic Medicine Congress of South Africa)


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*This event is not for public participation*

We are delighted to announce the 9th edition of Cosmedica 2019 at the newly opened Vivari Hotel & Spa in Johannesburg from the 26-28 September.

Cosmedica 2019 has created an elite training course inspired by lessons learned from the world’s most successful practices – presented as a blueprint to significantly grow your competency.

Regardless of where you are today, you will find that next level of achievement at Cosmedica 2019.

Our vision in 2019 is to allow you, the practitioner, to test your skills under the direct supervision of a master injector. The idea was to create a different kind of training – a training inspired by the world’s top practices. So we invited some of the world’s top injectors to help and guide you to refine your skills.

Cosmedica 2019 will be a hands on full day injecting workshop for delegates. If you are shy to show off your skills in front of your colleagues, you are welcome to be an observer.

Pre-congress courses

Cosmedica will officially kick off on Thursday 26 September with two pre congress courses. If you are injecting noses, the non-surgical rhinoplasty course with Dr Ash Labib is a must. The course will cover detailed injection anatomy for the nose as well as give the doctor the opportunity to inject a nose under the direct supervision of Dr Labib.

The second pre congress course focuses on lips. Julie Horne will demonstrate her world famous technique on injecting lips. Lip injecting is an art so go check out her Instagram account to see her beautiful creations. Each delegate will be given an opportunity to inject a person of their choice.

You will also have a choice to do both pre congress courses on Thursday 26 September if you wish to do so.

Hands on injecting

The hands on workshop for facial rejuvenation will take place on Friday 27 September and will be divided into Beginners and Intermediate/ Advanced groups.  The workshop is split into groups of 12 during the course of the day. Delegates will have the opportunity to inject one of the following areas in the beginner group: cheeks or peri-oral area or nasolabial folds.

The delegates in the intermediate/advanced group can choose to inject one of the following areas: temples or tear trough or combined chin and jawline.

Aesthetic Gynaecology

We are thrilled to continue with our collaboration with the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology (ESAG) under the directorship of Dr Alex Bader.

The 2019 course aims to provide an intensive training on Surgical and Non-Surgical procedures on Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynaecology. The duration of the course is 4 days, which include both theory and full live surgery training on live cases.

The training program will include:


  • Basic theory of Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynaecology
  • Technology application for Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation, functional & aesthetic enhancement

Live Cases Surgery Cases training

  • Full live surgery training on the full list of Female Genital Cosmetic – Aesthetic surgeries
  • Injectables for Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation, functional & aesthetic enhancement

Attendees will be able to participate on live Surgical and Non-Surgical cases, and learn tips and tricks of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynaecology. The program will include maximum number of 8-10 live cases with the full spectrum of the related indications.

Following the hand on injection workshops, there will be a jam packed program of presentations on Saturday 28 September. The programme will reinforce injection anatomy, discuss the business of aesthetics, lasers, peels and so much more.

For somatologists

We have not forgotten about somatologists and have curated a program specifically for them on Saturday 28 September. On Sun 29 Sep, look out for an international celebrity makeup artist who will teach tips and techniques on how to reveal light and conceal shadows on the face.

Makeup course

As an add on and completely independent of the medical congress is a makeup course for professional makeup artists and anyone interested in makeup hosted by celebrity makeup artist Spencer from LA.

This course focuses on Spencer’s tips, tricks and techniques to illuminate and transform the face in a manner that will leave you speechless. Follow him on Instagram @paintedbyspencer to view mind-blowing transformations.

This course is the cherry on the top for Cosmedica which doctors may also find interesting since they can offer their patients valuable advice on how to conceal dark under eye skin especially after treating a tear trough.

Our goal is to compress your learning curve so that you can rapidly and more effectively incorporate these “breakthroughs” into your practice with confidence and certainty.

We hope your experience will be ‘life-changing,’ ‘fantastic,’ ‘best ever,’ and ‘extraordinary.’

Experience it for yourself

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