AQ Therapeutics Launches Endo-Test: A Hormone Free Hormone Serum


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Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, however many women aren’t aware of the importance of it.

Most people think of testosterone as a male sex hormone, but everyone requires a certain amount. Even though males naturally have more testosterone than females, a woman’s adrenal glands and ovaries produce small amounts of this hormone, making the hormone equally important for women.

A woman’s testosterone levels naturally change throughout her life, her menstrual cycle, and even at different times of the day. A woman with low testosterone does not contain enough to help produce new blood cells, maintain her sex drive, or boost levels of other reproductive hormones. After the age of 35, these testosterone levels in women start to decrease quite rapidly. As women age, the proteins which produce this hormone also gradually switch off leading to depleted levels.

Testosterone is needed to combat fatigue, low mood levels, a loss of libido, muscle mass loss, fat gain as well as heightened PMS symptoms for women. For men, it is a direct cause for erectile dysfunction

So, how can you increase this hormone in your body safely and naturally? A recently launched division of AQ Skin Solutions, AQ Therapeutics has engineered a way with a new medical product that regulates testosterone without hormones.

Endo-Test is the first testosterone hormone rebalancing serum of its kind. Specially formulated by AQ Skin Solutions founder, Dr. Al-Qahtani, a professor, scientist and immunologist, Endo-Test works by activating proteins in the body which are responsible for producing the testosterone hormone.

Endo-Test is the first hormone free solution designed for use by both men and women. It works to restore hormonal balance and increase the body’s energy levels. Using a peptide-specific signaling technology, Endo-Test activates the proteins involved in testosterone production, boosting the body’s natural ability to produce this hormone.

How is this product different to the others on the market?

This AQ product, like the entire AQ range, has an active ingredient of human growth factors which will naturally increase the hormone in your body.

“Most products on the market have ‘Bio-Identical Animal Hormones’ (which human bodies naturally produce anti bodies against) as their active ingredient.” Comments Amy Bowie, Owner of PH Distributing. “The simple principle of growth factors in humans vs animals is the same as comparing to vehicles. If you were looking to fix a Volvo, you wouldn’t use Audi parts to fix it. So, why not the same with skin care?” Adds Amy.

“The Endo-Test is a hormone free formulation that activates the proteins involved in natural production, helping boost endogenous free testosterone. So, we urge you to update your skin care range with products made to suit your body and it’s needs” Ends Amy.

How to use

Dispense 1 mL (4 pumps) on the inside of forearm then rub forearms together until absorbed. Repeat on the opposite forearm by dispensing another 1 mL (4 pumps) and repeat by rubbing both forearms together until absorbed. Do this until the serum is dried. Repeat daily for best results.

Recommended price

R3750 (as at August 2019)

Get in touch

For more information on AQ Skin Solutions, please contact PH Distributing on info@aqskinsolutionssa.comor call 021 914 1169


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