The First Periocular Treatment Of Its Kind – mesopeel® periocular


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The all-new periocular treatment by mesoestetic is an innovative approach which combines micro-needling using melilot, with mesopeel® periocular. The method proves to be most effective for the reduction in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and drooping eyelids

mesopeel® periocular is the latest combination peel to be launched by mesoestetic. This unique chemo-exfoliating solution combines azelaic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol, citric acid, and phytic acid.

Melilot, from their sterile active range, is a composition of sweet clover extract and Rutin and acts synergistically to improve microvascular flow and reduce fluid retention. It enhances lymph draining and activates return venous flow.

The periocular treatment is applied in 5-6 sessions, with application of the peel followed by the administration of the intra dermal active with mesotherapy or micro needling, and can be done in one session or alternate treatment sessions. The application area includes: upper eyelid (excluding the tarsal plate), outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid.

There is an immediate glow and brightening, with improvement to wrinkles, ptosis and pigmentation becoming visible in week 3 onward.

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