GENEWAY™ Launches New Supplements


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GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic tests that will teach you more about your unique genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your best life.

Technology is at a point where we can easily provide the valuable information you require making decisions that will lead to a happier, healthier, more vital life.

It’s time to get curious about your genes and what they mean.

Improve your health and longevity by unlocking the mysteries of your genetic code today.

Not only does GENEWAY™ unlock your genetic code to a healthier life but they also offer a range of supplements to compliment your lifestyle changes.

The GENEWAY™ supplements have been uniquely formulated to provide the nutritional quantities as required per gene mutation.

The GENEWAY™ supplement range includes:

  • GENEWAY™ Antioxidant – helps neutralise free radicals and provides protection at a cellular and DNA level. This powerful antioxidant formula contains effective nutraceuticals for improved general health, protection and detoxification.

  • GENEWAY™ Carb Support – comprises a formulation of compounds that support blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. It furthermore assists in the effective utilisation of fats and carbohydrates thereby supporting a healthy metabolism, energy levels and weight management.

  • GENEWAY™ Collagen available in four flavours: apple, orange, berry and Original (flavourless)

  • GENEWAY™ DIM – DIM (diindolylmethane) is formed in the body when cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli are consumed. DIM is a key nutrient that promotes detoxification and benefits oestrogen metabolism. In essence, DIM reduces bad oestrogen and increases good oestrogen.

  • GENEWAY™ Magnesium – magnesium is an abundant mineral present in all cells in the body playing a role in many physiological processes. It contributes to normal carbohydrate and nervous system function, sleep patterns, mental health and helps to maintain normal electrolyte balance.

  • GENEWAY™ Methylation Support – GENEWAY Methylation is a biochemical process in the body that occurs billions of times every second in almost every cell of the body, therefore it influences almost all processes in the body. Key functions of methylation include repairing damaged cells, turning genes on/off, detoxification, building neurotransmitters, metabolising hormones e.g. Oestrogen and producing energy.
  • GENEWAY™ Probiotic – probiotics are beneficial organisms, most of which are normally found in the healthy human gastrointestinal tract. Many different strains of probiotic organisms are in use, which have different but overlapping benefits. Some of the benefits of probiotics include improve the intestinal flora balance, inhibit harmful bacteria, promote good digestion, boost immune function, increase resistance to infection, degrade oxalates and has an effect on the production of neuro-chemicals such as serotonin. The GENEWAY™ Probiotic contains a unique blend of nine strains providing thus a broad base of health benefits.

Optimise your health and longevity with GENEWAY™

Learn more about our range of tailored DNA tests that allow forward-thinking individuals to make slight changes in their environment, diet, medications and more to give their bodies exactly what it needs to thrive.






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