The DMK Enbioment™ Range – A Skin Microbiome Balancing System


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DMK’s ENBIOMENT™ system was created for people suffering from various skin disorders due to an imbalance in the natural skin microbiome. The system is specifically designed for Individuals suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea, skin fungus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.


Sparked from the “Human Genome Project” the 13-year study on the complete sequence of DNA bases in the human genome, Danné Montague-King has formulated the ENBIOMENT™ System, sharing his vision and intellect on how advances in DNA research has now provided us with the data to tap into the Human Microbiome which consists of all living organisms living in and on our bodies.

The ENBIOMENT™ System is founded by the understanding on how bacteria’s can be beneficial if you have the proper prescriptives that helps bring about balance that Danné calls the “Symbiotic Biome”.

A three piece Microbiome Enhancing System designed to restore a healthy balance to your skin’s microbial flora.

Who is it for?

Should be prescribed to anyone with individuals with Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema, Rashes, Acne or Reactive Skin. Also recommended for anyone on a long course of antibiotics.

Can be used by anyone to help maintain a healthy microbiome.

What’s in the range?

The DMK System includes a CleanserMist and Serum

Enbioment™ Cleanser

  • Probiotic Balancing Cleanser
  • This pH neutral cleanser effectively cleanses the skin and acts as a prebiotic to help remove excess colonies of bad bacteria without stripping the skin of all its good bacteria. This provides the proper environment for establishing and maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Enbioment™ Mist

  • Probiotic Delivery Spray
  • This conditioning spray acts as a prebiotic to establish the proper environment and provide the nutrients necessary to rebuild good bacteria found in a healthy skin.

Enbioment™ Serum

  • Probiotic Restoring Emulsion
  • This probiotic emulsion reintroduces healthy bacteria and encourages the reestablishment of existing healthy bacteria essential to maintaining skin health. By rebalancing the microbiome of the skin, we help ensure the skin’s immune and mechanical barrier functions are performing optimally.


The Microbiome Ecosystem

We need to start perceiving the skin as an ecosystem — composed of living biological and physical components sharing a common habitat. This includes our human genome, bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.

There exists a delicate balance between host and microorganisms found in our skin’s microbiota.

Disruptions in the balance on either side of the equation can result in skin disorders or infections.

Individual microbiomes are fairly stable but are influenced by their environment. It has been shown that skin with a greater diversity of bacteria tends to be healthier.

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