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Dr K Dermal Health Care is a medi-skincare brand that pioneers the science behind optimum skin health and what it essentially means to each consumer. This range is distributed exclusively through advanced skin care salons in South Africa and Globally.

Over the past few years inflammatory disorders like allergies and eczema have rapidly increased. The intolerance of sensitive skin to many external stimuli (environment), mostly resulting from a defective skin barrier function (unhealthy skin). Discomfort, fragility, dehydration, scaliness and redness are all characteristics of sensitive skin that is lacking an effective defence system.

In 2020, three out of four consumers will have sensitive skin. The effect of sensitive skin was completely unknown to our ancestors that lived closer to nature.

Flashes of inflammation due to the modern life style are the main cause of sensitive skin and major skin disorders.

The Dr K Dermal Health care range consists of a unique blend of active ingredients that will restore sensitive skin and prevent it at all costs.

Together with restoring optimum skin health the Dr K Dermal Health Care Premium Serums also treat the main skin conditions like:

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Ageing skin
  • And sensitive skin

About the products

All of the products in the DR K Dermal Health Care range are intended to reinforce the skin’s microbial and physical barrier function, helping achieve a reinforced skin, especially for people living in urban environments and harsh climates.

  • When applied on urban skin, it favors the increase in microbial diversity, the balance of the microbiota and an enhancement in anti-inflammatory bacteria on the skin, characteristics of a healthy skin in higher contact with nature.
  • Modulates bacterial metabolic pathways related to energy, lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins, which have been detected in the skin of uncontacted populations.
  • Reinforces skin cell cohesion and offers a protective effect of the skin barrier.
  • Favors the adhesion of S. epidermidis over that of harmful bacteria (S. aureus) on keratinocytes.
  • Helps stimulate the skin immune response and enhances components in charge of strengthening the physical barrier integrity.
  • Increases the skin resistance to aggression by surfactants.

In summary this range has a prebiotic approach (because it increases the growth of beneficial bacteria, Moraxellaceae with anti-inflammatory properties) and it also has probiotic-like effects (because it reinforces the barrier function and immune system and also microbiota balance).

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