QMS Medicosmetics – Facials to Have Before Your Events This Festive Season for Glowing Skin


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1. Skin Cell Renewal Facial (Cellular Marine)

90 Minute Facial

This treatment delivers highly regenerating and anti-ageing results. The treatment includes a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation, the signature QMS algae mask to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin. We use the QMS Oxygen Concentrate machine within this facial to blow 95% pure oxygen directly into the skin, giving the skin a breath of fresh air while making this treatment 40% more effective.

A massage is performed with our Cellular Marine which supports your skin own stem cells, enhances the stimulation of new skin cells and improves the skin overall metabolism. This treatment is finished off with the activator mask that fills the skin with hyaluronic acid for deep seated hydration and re-energises the skin for a fresh, glowing, more toned and rejuvenated skin.

Price R1200

2. Activator Facial

60 Minute facial

This treatment hydrates, refuels and energises the skin through the use of innovative activation techniques which increase the supply of active ingredients to revitalise the skin. This treatment instantly rejuvenates the skin for a fresh and glowing look. Combining all the great steps of a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation, algae mask to soothe, calm and leaving the skin completely hydrated. Our Activator mask is then applied to hydrate, uplift and refresh the skin.

Price R750

After the holiday season, it’s time to detox your skin from all the great things we enjoyed in December…

3. Urban Repair Facial

50 minute facial

This facials combines a deep pore decongestion with advanced treatment to support the detox process, accelerate epidermal regeneration and boost the skin metabolism. The Advanced Epigen Serum is used to repair and detox the skin from daily pollutants, sun damage and lifestyle choices that have affected our skin, the signature QMS algae mask to soothe, calm and hydrate. Finished off with the Epigen Pollution Overnight Rescue Mask to reduce the stress within our skin leaving the skin with a revitalised and youthful glow.

Price R890

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More about QMS Medicosmetics

It’s never too early or late to start benefiting from the regenerative properties of QMS Medicosmetics. Unlock the key to skin health with an effective regimen of well-chosen products formulated by the world-renowned aesthetic surgeon and leading international authority on skincare Dr Erich Schulte.

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