Beauté Pacifiqué Masculinity – a Medical Grade Skincare Range for Men


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The consumer market for male skin is changing at a rapid pace as men embrace skincare and even aesthetic treatments and procedures. Looking after oneself is completely acceptable and necessary. Wanting to look and feel good as well as more youthful for longer, men are on the hunt for male directed products.

Male skin is very different to female skin and should be treated accordingly. Men have a thicker skin, more sebaceous glands leading to larger pores and excess sebum. This is due to the hormone testosterone. But men also have more collagen and they don’t even realize how lucky they are. This means that men age slower than women most of the time; therefore, a line of products suited specifically for male skin is necessary.

About the range

You will be hard pressed to find a medical grade skin care range for the exclusive use of men. Beauté Pacifiqué’s masculinity range was researched, designed and developed to fill this gap and meet the growing consumer needs for men’s skin care which is both easy to use, effective and results in improved skin health.

Beauté Pacifiqué is a Danish skin care brand which has been scientifically proven to work on  both age degeneration and sun damage. Effect and documentation are the two indispensable principles behind the medical grade skincare products. Results and benefits of using the products can be demonstrated objectively at a DermScan4LiFE ultrasound scanning treatment at any center where your Masculinity products have been purchased.

What else is there to think about then when choosing a BRAND for a MAN? Keep it simple.

Masculinity consists of 5 products which have been packaged exquisitely:

  • Step 1 – Purifying Foam Cleanser which can be used for both cleansing and shaving.
  • Step 2 – Double Action Facial Scrub has a dual affect when it comes to exfoliating which should be done no more than 2 times a week. Having both a mechanical (Cellulose Acetate beads) and a biological effect (Salicylic, Azelaic and Glycolic Acid) on the epidermis.
  • Step 3 – Moisturising Day Creme for daytime. Masculinity day creme provides plenty of moisture to restore water loss and hydrate through all the layers of the skin.
  • Step 4 – Anti Age Crème for night. The night cream has a potent amount of Vitamin A which penetrates into the skin through the use of Beauté Pacifiqué’s patented squalene capsule as well as Propolis, Rooibos and a host of sebum regulating natural ingredients.
  • Step 5 – Hair and Shower gel – a product for every man which shouts convenience and effectiveness. This gel will not leave the skin feeling dry.

Beauté Pacifiqué’s Masculinity range has a unique blend of selected raw ingredients which have been very carefully evaluated. All raw ingredients have been certified and specified in all details and are known for their skin compatibility and high performance. When raw materials are blended with the correct synthetic ingredients, a winning formula is achieved. At Beauté Pacifiqué we believe that quality and performance are the dominating criteria.

The Beauté Pacifiqué Masculinty range is not only masculine and results driven but is also the chosen skincare product by Mercedes Benz for all new Mercedes Benz AMG drivers in South Africa.

Expect the best and Expect MORE from you skin care.


Recommend retail prices are (as at February 2020):

  • Masculinity Purifying Foam Cleanser R700
  • Masculinity Double Action Facial Scrub R800
  • Masculinity Moisturizing Day Crème R850
  • Masculinity Anti Age Crème for night R900
  • Masculinity Hair and Shower gel R550

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