Choosing The Right Nail Polish Remover and Why it Matters


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If you love painting your nails, investing in a good quality nail polish remover is absolutely essential. The aim is to find one that doesn’t dry and weaken the nail plate and dry out the cuticles and skin around your nails – ultimately ageing and damaging your nails.

Removing nail polish isn’t the most exciting part of your beauty routine, and a lot of women skimp on this important product, opting for no-name brands at the lowest price. The problem with that is that these nail polish removers typically contain harsh ingredients that actually damage the nail when used. If your nails, cuticles, or the skin around your nails has ever looked white after removing your nail polish, it’s a sure sign that the formula is too harsh.

MAVALA has three great quality nail polish removers to choose from, depending on your needs. Manufactured in Switzerland using the best quality ingredients, they do the job effortlessly, without compromising the health of your nails.

Mild Nail Polish Remover

Its classical and efficient formula quickly removes nail polish. This MILD NAIL POLISH REMOVER is recommended for all types of nails, with exception of fragile and delicate nails.

Price: R85 (100ml)

Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover

Its formula gently removes polish and does not dry out nail nor the cuticle. This EXTRA-MILD NAIL POLISH REMOVER is specially developed for delicate and fragile nails. It does not contain any acetone and is enriched with ingredients that counteract the harsh effects of solvents and protect the nails.

Price: R95 (100ml)

Crystal Nail Polish Remover

This has been formulated to meet very specific expectations of some of our consumers. Their wish: a nail, skin and environmentally friendly nail polish remover. So, it’s very gentle formulation, acetone-free, removes nail polish without drying nails and skin and is suitable for all skin types of nails, even fragile, delicate or dry nails. In addition, it is colourless, ODOURLESS and non-flammable. “Eco-friendly” nail polish remover, thanks to carefully chosen ingredients that are readily biodegradable and that help protect environment. The finished product is produced under cold conditions, which helps reducing energy consumption.

Price: R106 (100ml)

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