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by Rochelle Friedman

We’re your new best friend in aesthetics! We get hold of professional advice and information on aesthetics, anti-ageing, integrative medicine, health, skincare, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery – and present it to you in our A2 print magazine and blog.

Not only are we a glossy and niche magazine, but we’re also pedantic. A2 has partnered with aesthetic, dermatology and plastic surgery societies to ensure the advice is professional and well-researched. And no, we don’t care if your friend’s cousin’s aunt’s sister told you that any ol person in beauty can perform your aesthetic treatment and procedure. Deep down inside you know that isn’t true.

Is it a “narcissistic” “ageing is evil” “you must have treatments” magazine? Certainly not. At the end of the day, an informed decision is totally up to you. Plus, there’re a host of procedures that are for physical and health benefits too. You’ve got magazine pages and blog posts to learn from that encourage overall health, overall stunning skincare and overall natural results – whilst in a safe and trained environment – to keep you looking like you. Maybe just a little more refreshed *wink wink*.

How do we do it you may ask? We have excellent doctors, journalists and contributors who bring you the best possible and up-to-date information in A2 Magazine, available quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Find the print magazine in Woolworths, Dischem, Clicks and many other stores, as well as all SLOW lounges around South Africa.

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