About A2 Team

by Rochelle Friedman

Michelle Pauli (Founder, Co-Owner, Print Editor)

Soon after receiving her qualification in journalism, Michelle was introduced to the fascinating world of aesthetics when she landed the position of Media Manager at a niche cosmetic surgery magazine.

When the publication sadly closed its doors in late 2010, Michelle saw a gap in the aesthetics media market when she realised there was no other South African print magazine that was solely dedicated to aesthetics, anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery.

With this in mind, she then decided to launch her own aesthetic magazine in 2011 – and hence, A2 was born and published the first issue in November 2011.

Michelle retains her position as Print Editor and Publisher at A2, where she passionately compiles each issue with all the latest and exciting aesthetic news. How does she keep the signs of ageing at bay in this ever-stressful industry? Well, anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers (but of course…)

Rochelle Friedman (Co-Owner, Sales & Marketing, Digital Editor)

Rochelle studied at the Vega Brand Communications School which fuelled her insatiable curiosity for branding, design, marketing and advertising. In 2009, she found a home in online publishing at Velocity Media (and was instrumental in growing the sales and marketing for a number of online publications, including Joburg.co.za, Joburg’s Darling, Cape Town’s Darling). Rochelle began part-time at A2 with Michelle in 2012, until she took the full-time leap to A2 in 2014. And the rest, as they say, is history…

She acts differently, thinks differently and tries new things when it comes to online publishing, digital marketing and marketing in general.  Her ideas and views are innovative and the key to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. If she fails? She picks herself up quickly and tries something else until it works.

How does Rochelle keep the signs of ageing at bay? Well, she’s dabbled in a cosmetic dentistry make-over, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. She feels strongly about skin and advocates starting with a good skin regimen at home. Aside from external help – she tries her best to live a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and healthy eating.

In addition to being Business Partners, Michelle and Rochelle have been best friends for years and years. Running this magazine together is a dream come true.
When seen together they are often referred to as “The Shells”. When not in the office, you’ll find them catching up with a glass of wine in hand and coming up with new ideas for A2!