Aesthetics & Anti-Ageing

by Rochelle Friedman

We know Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing info can get a bit confusing.

It’s important to know aesthetics is not just anti-wrinkle injectables. It is a combination of various things, including but not limited to: medical skincare, chemical peels, lasers, dermal fillers, thread lifts, your teeth and so much more. In light of this, we have created sections to cover all topics within A2’s print magazine and blog. 

  • Sponsored Posts – these are a combination of our advertisers and paid-for posts. We have great relationships with our advertisers, and it is our goal to only show you what we believe is valuable and useful to you.
  • Aesthetic Report – here you’ll discover everything you need to know about anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers, thread lifts, lasers and other aesthetic treatments and procedures.
  • Anti-Ageing and Integrative Medicine – this section covers things like hormones, ingredients and more detailed intricate factors that influence our bodies and health that ultimately affect our lives and the way age.
  • Clinic and Doctor Profiles – we profile various plastic surgeons, GPs with a special interest in aesthetics, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, aesthetic clinics and aesthetic salons around South Africa.
  • Skin Sense (everything skin and dermatology) –  this covers everything skin: skincare brands, ingredients, treatments and procedures specifically for skin health and more. As we always say, the skin should always be your starting point when it comes to aesthetics. What’s the point of having wrinkle-free skin if the texture is dry, spotty and pigmented?
  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry – a large factor in feeling and looking your best self is your smile. Whether it’s white teeth, natural-looking aligned teeth or a gum line. We investigate your options in this area.
  • Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – this section covers everything surgical like invasive treatments, procedures and surgeries for cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive purposes.
  • Trade Articles – these articles for those in the trade industry: doctors, clinics, aesthetic salons, therapists etc.